The world is rapidly changing with constantly evolving elements challenging us. We support our clients to navigate through these complex challenges by coaching processes & approaches that result in cultivating connection to purpose & culture, growth mindsets, behavioral changes, and practical action plans.

We believe in an experience-based approach to change and development, learning by doing.  We facilitate change and development processes where exploring, learning, collaborating, experimenting and creating are all part of the process where team members participate.   We co-create with the client to foster engagement and confidence at the various levels of the business.


The foundation of The Purpose is collaboration and purpose.   We're tapped into a network with collaborators in various parts of the globe. Our network is made of passionate and experienced people from diverse fields related to leadership development, culture development, organizational development, technology, digital transformation, creative business school, communication, innovation and business development.  We will create the ideal team to meet your needs. 


Dawn Hoenie is an experienced facilitator, trainer, learning designer, process consultant and coach.  For over 10 years, Dawn has worked within the human side of business; with teams and leaders to increase their awareness of purpose, leadership effectiveness, innovative capacities, collaboration, culture development and learning.  Dawn works from the holistic perspective, and her work establishes frameworks that support groups and individuals to learn and thrive collectively.  She has worked in many industries such as Creative Business School, Multinational, Media, Biotechnology, Banking, Entertainment Industry and Charitable Trust.

Dawn holds a Diploma of Facilitation, and is a certified Facilitator and Facilitator Trainer.  She has obtained a UGL (Understanding Group & Leader) certificate from Swedish National Defense Academy.  She's an accredited Coach (Gestalt) and is a member of the International Association of Facilitators.  Organizations with whom Dawn has worked with include JCI, Hyper Island, IKEA, Amgen, Gyro B2B, and Raiffeisen bank.

She has worked in:  United States, Switzerland, France, Monaco, New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom, Germany, Czech Republic, Spain, and Sweden.  


A more personal note...

Hi I'm Dawn.  I'm grateful to have trained closely with Dr. Dale Hunter, one of the pioneers of facilitation.  Over the past decade, I've learned & developed practical & effective skills and approaches from learning, working and collaborating within a variety of cultures in diverse businesses.

I help people accelerate their success with practical approaches, tools, & skills to fast-track them into meaningful action and create lasting results in their work and personal lives.   

The Purpose Whole Self

"I believe you need to bring your Whole-Self to the table if you want to truly succeed and flourish."  

Your whole-self includes your dreams, thoughts, unique abilities, intuition, personality, environment, culture,  and your passions.  Whether you lead a business or work in a team, a whole-self & facilitative approach are key leadership skills for today and in the future.  

PWC says "distinctive cultural strengths are sources of emotional energy that can help motivate employees through periods of intense change."  I believe most people want to develop themselves, feel free to be themselves, feel part of a community and want to "do good" as they progress in life.  Why check yourself (usually the best part) at the door?  I'm not suggesting bringing uncontrolled self-expression, without any care for the others into the place of business. Rather, being part of a culture that welcomes diversity, inclusion, collaboration, care, authenticity & fun. This cultural fabric is cultivated for people to not only survive, but to thrive in times of change.

Dawn Hoenie, The Purpose


Whether you’re launching or growing your business or looking to make changes in your personal life, I'm here to help you achieve your greatest potential and tap into the core wisdom you have within you.  I collaborate with a talented multinational group of colleagues to deliver larger scale workshops.

I'm happy we've connected and I look forward to the journey ahead.  

More Testimonials

“I have worked with Dawn on multiple occasions over the years creating powerful contributions to individuals, organisations and companies. Dawn is a very skilled facilitator and stands firm in the purpose of any group wanting to make a shift. People feel connected and energised around her as her skills as a facilitator covers a broad spectra; listening skills, strong presence, powerful work in emergence, being-with and totally non-judgemental personality enables groups and group members explore new unknown possibilities. As a person, Dawn is fun, light, yet grounded and very pleasant to work with. I feel totally confident that you will create exciting things with clients when she is part of the team.”
Katarina Cornelius
Partner and Senior Facilitator of Innovation and Digital Business Transformation
I’ve experienced Dawn as a smart, fun and kind person. She is patient and an active listener, ready to challenge for the benefit of learning. Dawn naturally creates a trustful atmosphere and an environment for individuals to discover and develop. I truly appreciate Dawn for her focus on other’s development as well as her curiosity and love for detail.

Marianne Aerni
Strategy, Learning Design, Group Facilitation
“Self discovery is an amazing feeling and Dawn is expert in supporting people in such a journey. Her facilitation and guidance was always encouraging, positive and also very challenging - but in the best way possible. At times, this type of training and work can feel very challenging for an individual. Dawn’s ability to coach in the moment opened my eyes to how comfortable this work can become (with practice of course!). She is never one to give you the answer, but knows the right questions to ask and I am thankful for that from her. Whether one on one or in a group setting, Dawn is a capable leader and facilitator in getting the most out of others in a focused, effective and purposeful way.”

Jamie Black
Consultant, Brand, Education & Design