The Purpose, Leadership Development, Dawn Hoenie, Monaco

Great teams are stimulating and productive, delivering innovative results. In an effective team, members know how to contribute in order to support the team purpose & outcomes - beyond what any individual could accomplish solo.

And teamwork isn’t easy. Even the top teams, with the best-intentioned colleagues, can encounter issues that hinder their collective accomplishments.

You will learn strategies and facilitation techniques for building great teams and creating successful team dynamics. You will develop skills that enhance communication and trust, and align team members around shared goals so they can effectively plan, communicate, execute, and deliver.

Designed for team leaders and managers, this leadership development training will teach you how to cultivate maximum team productivity by understanding how to navigate the stages of team development and address team challenges. 

Who should attend?

Anyone who is interested in improving their ability to lead and manage teams in ways that enhance project success and organizational effectiveness.


  • Understand the Whole-Self approach

  • Develop practical skills for leading and engaging your team

  • Build Strategies for coping with team challenges

  • Learn how to align and focus teams

  • Learn to plan and organize for team success

  • Help you achieve better outcomes with less stress

Popular Topics:

  • Team development

  • Cultivate a healthy team culture

  • Effective communication

  • Leadership strategies

  • Decision-making techniques

  • Facilitation methods and tools

  • Develop Listening Skills

  • Harness Group Knowledge/Collective Intelligence

  • Brain-Friendly Feedback

  • Integrated-Person Approach

  • Conflict Management

  • Keep meetings on track

  • Open and Close meetings powerfully

  • Generate participation

  • Work with energy levels in self and group

  • Enhance your team's creativity

  • Enhance openness and trust

  • Mindfulness

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Creative Problem Solving

  • Learning & Application

Workshops are held over 1/2 day - 2 days, on-site and off-site to suit your team's needs.