The Purpose, Facilitation, Dawn Hoenie, Monaco

Facilitation is about getting the best out of people. Meetings are more collaborative, efficient and enjoyable. Bigger and better ideas come with more ease. Time is used to the fullest.


You will learn how to leverage the power of effective facilitation and collaborate more efficiently and successfully.

Who should attend?

Anyone who leads meetings, workshops, group processes, change projects, and teams.  For both beginning and seasoned leaders who want to take their results to the next level.   The training is a practical, hands-on approach.

Customized sessions can be created to suit your group's needs.  The workshops are offered in 1/2 day - 5 day modules, on-site or offsite.

Facilitation is a must-have 21st Century skill.


  • Develop a skill set that makes you a solid asset in any career

  • Gain the ability to facilitate any group to meet their purpose

  • Learn to plan and organize for team success

  • Help you achieve better outcomes with less stress

  • Develop practical skills for leading and encouraging team members

  • Build strategies for coping with team challenges

  • Learn techniques, tools & approaches and apply immediately

Key Outcomes:

  • UNDERSTAND your role as the facilitator

  • DESIGN productive meetings and effective workshops

  • LEARN a variety of tools, processes, and approaches

  • DEVELOP your own strengths

  • UNDERSTAND stages of team development

  • LEAD your team towards their full potential

  • WORK with energy levels in self, others and the group

  • LEARN new leadership strategies

  • EFFECTIVE communication

  • PRACTICE to give and receive effective Feedback that supports learning & growth